So, this actually happened…

During my first year as a teacher in a public school in a poverty stricken district I was witness to many surprising events.  One was during a staff development day when there were no students.  I heard screams coming from the first floor (My room was on the third floor)  and I ran down the stairs to see what was going on.  I saw two female staff members fighting and screaming as they rolled over one another in the hallway.  I took a step towards the office to get help when I saw our elderly building principal  step out of the main office, holding her “Big Gulp”.  She looked me straight in the eye and said, “Oh, they’re sisters.” and she returned to the office.   I was more than shocked because I have never seen anything like this and the principal’s smirk was worth a thousand words.  I accepted the norm as I watched two teachers separate the two and guide them into other rooms.  Coincidentally, that is also the the day I learned what a weave was as I stared at the huge “clump” of hair in the hallway.


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